Review of « Roll ‘n Go »

Here is the first review of our CD « Roll ‘n Go ».

‘Roll ‘n Go’ – ‘Chantimor’.

Chants de Marins Traditionnels: Chants de Travail.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ‘Chantimor’ are a British expatriot group of Shanty Singers (Eight ‘Crewmen’ and two, charmingly called, ‘Sirens’) [sic] based in the Vallée du  Blavet, Brittany. I believe that this is their first recording, but don’t worry, all the tracks are in English!

The CD has 20 tracks, all ‘standard’ shanties and sea songs and (in Baidin Fheidhlimidh and The Navy Hornpipe) two tunes. See the website for a full list. The instruments (accordion, whistles, violin and drum) are used sparingly (for the afficianados who feel that Shanties should not be accompanied), which I feel adds some depth to the tracks. 

The material is performed with some enthusiasm (if not to say gusto!) which, to my mind, separates this production from the many of the previous ‘straight faced’ offerings. Music and Song nearly always sounds better if sung with a smile. Having said that, this is not ‘over the top’ as some that I have heard! On the whole, I’d say that this is a good intro. into the world of Shanties.

The package is simple but not understated with a list of the tracks, but sadly with no information on the material.The CD can be obtained from ‘Chantimor’ at their gigs and from their website; 

  Tony O’Neill.  22nd June 2013.

 Tony, a Shantyman in his own right, has performed live with and recorded with renowned UK Shantymen Bob Walser and the late Johnney Collins.  

Information & text supplied by Shantyman IanOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA.



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