Chanti on the radio

HOT NEWS: Terry and Bronwen will be representing Chantimor live on Radio-Bro-Gwened (Pontivy) next Monday (3rd March) at 10.30am

The presenter is Claire Peres, and she will be talking to us about the group and playing some tracks from our album « Roll ‘n Go » during her show  » Le disque de la semaine »

Other tracks from the album will also be featured throughout the week of 3rd – 7th March

Radio Bro-Gwened is a local Breton station covering various parts of the region. We will be broadcasting from the Pontivy studio. The station specialises in Breton, Celtic and traditional music.

You can listen on-line:

radiobrogwenedI’ll be back next week to tell you how it went.

Wish us luck!



Wandering Minstrels

I came across an interesting article in a course book last week while I was working with a young student of English.

The story was about three young men, two brothers and their friend, who decided to go for an extended walk around Britain with very little in the way of possessions, and a simple plan to sing for their supper.


The book is several years old, so I said to my student: « Let’s see if they’re still doing it » , and thanks to the wizardry of the internet, we managed to track them down in just a few clicks.

The lads started off in 2006 and they have been all round Britain, looking like latter day Merry Men, living off the land where they could and collecting folk songs on the way.

Their journey has taken various twists and turns, particularly when they became minor celebrities for a brief moment, and they recorded it all on a blog:

You can also hear their very melodic voices and listen to some wonderful old tunes, and see the joy in their faces when they sing.

They also have a facebook page:

So, for those of you who are interested in traditional folk music, check these sites out, and let me know what you think!


Musique Irlandaise

Une animation « Saint Patrick » pour votre bar, ça vous dit?

Vous fournissez la bière, et nous vous fournirons la musique!

Contactez nous au:

Want to put on a Paddy’s Night « do »?

We have the songs & the music, if you have the beer!

We even have an Irishman on board (sort of…)