I Spy 3

Spotted in Portsmouth – all expats who do the St Malo – Portsmouth crossing regularly will no doubt recognise this:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES The skies are dark due to the time of night, rather than bad weather.

Allez Chantimor! If you should spot something with a nautical twist – please send your photos to me!


Soirée Saint Patrick 56

Ce soir (le vendredi 14 mars) à Saint Barthélémy,

(entre Baud et Pontivy -56)

Soirée Saint Patrick

A partir de 19h45

Entrée avec repas: 12€

Venez chanter les chansons irlandaises avec Chantimor.

Voici les paroles:

Skiddle- Iddle – I -do – Skiddle – Iddle –  I do –

Skiddle – Iddle – I diddle – I day

Skiddle- Iddle – I -do – Skiddle – Iddle –  I do –

Skiddle – Iddle – I diddle – I day

Rien plus simple!

A ce soir!

st patrick's day

Le disque de la semaine – Radio Bro-Gwened

radiobrogwenedNous étions ravis de rencontrer Claire Peres, journaliste à Radio Bro-Gwened ce matin.

Terry and I went along to Radio Bro-Gwened to represent Chantimor and to promote our CD  « Roll ‘n Go », after Shantyman Ian gave us an initial contact at the station.

Speaking ‘live’ on the radio in French is a bit like taking an oral exam; you’re not quite sure what question is coming next and you have no idea how well or badly you’re doing.


Claire Peres was very nice and asked us questions about how the group was formed, the making of the CD & about « Chants de Marins » in general.

It’s a very casual set up with microphones around a large table. Cups of coffee were offered and we were made to feel at ease.

We were delighted to hear that Roll ‘n Go is going to be the « album of the week » or « disque de la semaine » this week.

We presented three tracks which were chosen by Claire Peres: Baidin Fheidhlimidh & South Australia, then Serafina and finally Old Maui.

Four other tracks will also be played throughout the week: Round the Bay of Mexico, Hog Eye Man, Sally Brown & Doodle Let Me Go.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe podcast will be available all this week on radio Bro-Gwened’s website – so you can listen in online if you missed us this morning.

Radio Bro-Gwened


Bronwen, Claire Peres et Terry aux locaux de Radio Bro-Gwened, Pontivy. Le 3 mars 2014