Chantons la mer

Merci au responsables des mercredis musicaux au Caraïbes Kfé pour leur critique flatteur de Chantimor!

Vous trouverez la critique ainsi que quelques extraits de la soirée en cliquant au lien ci-dessous.

Thank you to the organisers of « les mercredis musicaux » at the  Caraïbes Kfé for their flattering review of Chantimor!

You can read the review (it’s in French, of course) and see some extracts from the evening by clicking on the link above. All the songs are associated with the sea.

I don’t have many photos of the evening, but here’s a mug shot of Chanti(mor or less) by a nice old cannon taken on the same day.




Belle Île en Mer

Hello!  Bonjour!

Those of us who were at « Les Mercredis Musicaux »  were lucky enough to hear a beautiful song beautifully performed called « Belle Île en Mer ».

The original was sung by Laurent Voulzy, and I wondered if you (you English readers, that is) would like to learn a bit of French by singing along, karaoke style….

Up for it? Here we go…

(Voilà – un petit peu de Laurent Voulzy  ….  j’adore… et vous?)







Veni – vidi – chanti

A great time was had by all at the Caraïbes Kfé in Concarneau last night.
The members of Chantimor were impressed by the rich range of French musical talent on offer at « Les Mercredis Musicaux de Concarneau. »
The regulars kindly offered an evening of songs around the theme of The Sea in honour of us being there.


We hope that the audience was equally entertained by our own Chantimor style of sea-shanties.

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Happy Birthday

This blog / website is one year old today!

birthday boat

It’s also Dave’s birthday – so,


to Cap’n Dave.

I can tell you that our website has had 4,990 views over the last year – but we only have 11 people following us. This is slightly tragic, seeing as how there are 13 members of Chantimor.

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