Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter

First of all – sorry if you are a hard rock fan – have googled « Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter » to find your favourite group, and have ended up here on a sea shanty group’s blog. It isn’t what you were looking for, I know – so here’s the link to their Facebook page.

Now to our usual readers & Chantimor crew:

I was having a mooch round the internet (« surfing » seems slightly too energetic and wet for me) and came across this:

To Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter

« Term used in the Age of Sail Navy: To be bent over the breach of a cannon and caned for an infraction of the law with as much respect and privacy that could be found on the gun deck in a man of war. This was reserved for midshipmen who would one day become officers and were above being flogged in public on the open deck, very much like the school boy who is caned by the schoolmaster in private. Serious trouble that will soon pass. Receiving minor discipline that may be momentarily a pain in the ass. »

Ref: Urban Dictionary

If you would like to read more about it – there’s a bit more detail on the following website.

Warning: this is a site about corporal punishment, and I’m not tooooo sure who it’s written for,  if you know what I mean!

And then, to the tune of « Oh Suzannah, won’t you marry me.. » something for you to sing along to while you are waiting for rehearsals to resume.