La Semaine du Golfe, Vannes

La Semaine du Golfe will take place this year from Monday 11th to  Sunday 17th May 2015 semaine du golfe The principle port for this maritime festival is Vannes, but there is a massive movement of boats of all shapes and sizes all around all the little ports and islands of the Golfe. Every year, the festival welcomes one particular country, and this year it’s Croatia, with special events taking place on Thursday 14th. On the Saturday – there will be a Grand Parade with a flotilla of one thousand vessels, and if that wasn’t enough excitement, there will also be a Sea Shanty Competition held on the quay in Vannes. It’s called « La Trophée Capitaine Hayet ».   Well, as soon as Chantimor heard this trophée Hayet posterwe couldn’t resist entering the competition.

First things first: we had to get through the pre-selection. There are 4 categories, so we entered all four (we had to send in examples of our songs) and were selected for two of them.


Oh – hang on – one of the songs we’ve been selected for is a Halyard song. Now, this means that we have to sing AND haul up a sail at the same time on a real ship.

And it isn’t some little yacht.

Here she is: The Morgenster15_morgenster_slide1

Hmmm. Sing and haul, eh?

Still – nothing ventured – nothing gained.

Allez Chantimor!

Coming next: Chantimor in training….and moral support all the way from the south of France.


Une réaction sur “La Semaine du Golfe, Vannes

  1. Bravo les Chantimor ! J’étais à Sète le week-end de Pâques et c’était magnifique ! Si cela peut intéresser vos lecteurs, je viens porter à votre connaissance un site sur le Capitaine Hayet, auteur des Chansons de Bord en 1927, des Chansons des Iles, des dictons et tirades des anciens de la voile, et des Us et coutumes à bord des long-courriers.
    Vous souhaitant bonne réception,
    Claire Aimé – petite-fille du Commandant Hayet

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