Trophée Capitain Hayet – 2015

Anyone following Chantimor’s latest antiks will know that we have been selected to take part in a Sea Shanty competition which will take place in Vannes on Saturday 16th May.
It’s called  » La Trophée Capitain Hayet » – so….. who he…..? you may ask yourself.
Well, as all you English speaking Shanty singers know – THE authority on Sea Shanties in the anglophone world is Stan Hugill, who published his first book of Shanties, “Shanties from the Seven Seas” in 1961.
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES(This is Chantimor’s own copy – recently purchased. By the way, did you know that ol’ Stan’s wife’s name was Bronwen?)
But if you are a French speaking singer of “Chants de Marins”, your point of reference is the collection of 14 Chants as written down by Capitain Hayet and published in 1927.
Armand Hayet was born in Bordeaux in 1883, became a Captain in the French Merchant Navy, travelled the world and died in Paris in 1968.
Hayet His collection included songs of complaint, sea dramas and naval battles. The most famous song being “Jean François de Nantes.”chansons de bord His book “Chansons de Bord” also includes songs to dance to, as French sailors were encouraged to dance together when there were down time moments, rather than fight!
French Sailors dancing(Vicious looking, aren’t they – thank God they were made to dance!)

    For the Jean François song, follow this link: then tell me what you think.


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