Chanti-review of the year twenty-fifteen

full sails and sun for webTwenty-fifteen has been a year of ups & downs and comings & goings – but Chantimor is still here, nine full-time members at the last count, with gigs lined up for February 2016 and a new set of shanties to learn for the summer season.

Wfull sails and sun for webe spent most of the rainy Breton winter months lurking in the back room of a local pub preparing for the main event of the year: The Captain Hayet Trophy, which was held in Vannes in May.

DSCI1866 full sails and sun for webIt was also a moment to meet our mates from the south of France, The Aude Shanty Men, who came to Brittany to support us in a weekend of song & laughter.

full sails and sun for webThis year, we have sung at Moréac, Bieuzy Les Eaux, La Chèze (twice), Rohan, Rochefort-en-Terre (twice), St Thuriau and Vannes in pubs, restaurants,halls, markets, fêtes, exhibitions, a maritime festival and at a téléthon.

Wefull sails and sun for web sang on a ship, at a (faux) capstan, on stages, on a balcony, on a farm trailer (never again) on a wooden platform and in the street.

We sfull sails and sun for webang accompanied with varying combinations of whistles, violin, accordion and electric guitar.

We won a prize!full sails and sun for web

We full sails and sun for webfound a new place for practice, deep in the Breton countryside (keeps us out of the boozer), and on very warm summer evenings we practised at our favourite spot down on the river Blavet.

We full sails and sun for webvoted for Mike Smith to be our new skipper. His mission: to steer us through choppy waters to calmer seas ahead and to try and keep us in tune.


The New Skipper – terrifying when he goes on the prowl to winkle out the person singing flat!

Well, full sails and sun for webthat’s just about it for Chantimor 2015. There are some little clips of songs on our Facebook page. Click here and scroll down.

Meanwhile, thank you to all our friends & rellies who have come along to support us this year – for looking after our kit & taking photos, and thank you all for following us here on the blog and on Facebook. So, on behalf of the Chantimor crew (see the gang below) I wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.    §§


Mike, Terry, Mick, Ian, Geoff

DSCN3196Martyn & Bronwen (that’s me §§)

Copy of DSC_0616Anwyl & Dave

Together we are…

full sails and sun for web


Décembre 2015


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