February Antics part 2

Friday 12th Feb. Chantimor jumped into their respective cars in Lorient, Pontivy & Vannes and headed in the direction of Saint Vincent sur Oust (near Redon) to Le Rosbif, an English run bar.

What a treat to be fed English bangers before squeezing into the corner of the bar and starting our first set.


It was a Friday night, and as we were singing to an adult audience (or so we thought) we decided to put some of our saucier songs onto the set list and have a bit of fun with an English crowd.


But as you can see, we did have some (very well behaved) young children in the audience. Hopefully they didn’t understand the lyrics!



The owner of Le Rosbif had indicated that he was keen on shanties and so we invited him to sing the lead on « What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor? » – We don’t sing this very often so it was time to give it an airing. You can see the result on the Youtube video below. With no rehearsal, I think that Wayne did a sterling job. We’d have him in the band like a shot if he lived a bit nearer!

Wayne steps in as lead Shantyman on "Drunken Sailor"

Wayne steps in as lead Shantyman on « Drunken Sailor »

All in all – we had a very enjoyable time!

We are now rehearsing our new programme which includes some new (to us) shanties and we’ll be thinking about where best to use our newly purchased percussion.

Click on the link to see Wayne in action & to hear one of our new songs for the first time:                             « Johnson Girls » – we have such fun with this song – you never know what might happen!



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