Weymouth Leviathan Maritime Literary Festival 2016

Shantyman Ian Pedley has asked me to pass this on to you:-

 » Anyone in Weymouth this March is in for a whale of a time. »

Dorset is no stranger to literary festivals: Sherborne, Purbeck, Bridport, Dorchester … the list is already impressive. So with more lit-fests per square inch than probably anywhere else, why another? Well, Leviathan will be the first to have an exclusively maritime theme. Moreover, it will be as much about the sea as about literature. For organiser James Farquharson, ‘We’re a literary festival because there’ll be a lot of books but really we’re providing people with a connection to the very peculiar, watery-world that surrounds us.’

There are 37 events on offer all told. There’s a talk on The Mary Rose and its illustrious 25 year career as the pride of the Tudor fleet – so it wasn’t just the boat that sank; an illustrated talk on Sir Walter Raleigh and his links to Weymouth and the New World; a talk on the first trans-Atlantic yacht race; and much more.

For further details : http://weymouthleviathan.org.uk/

poster Weymouth Leviathan 2016