Chantimor back in Concarneau

It was a great pleasure to be invited back to Concarneau by « Les Mercredis Musicaux ».

So we hopped in our cars and set the co-ordinates for Finistère, where we received a warm welcome from the club members.

Here are a few images of the evening. If you are confused by the back-drop, I should perhaps mention that we were in a recording studio at Le Ferme du Moros.


From left to right: The Skipper, Mick, Geoff, Martyn, Ian, Terry, Bronwen & Anwyl share a Chanti – joke!


« Such an ugly bunch I’d never seen ‘afore. For there was a bum an’ a stiff in every quarter. It made me poor ol’ ‘eart feel sick an’ sore ». (Paddy Lay Back)


The Skipper (left) & Mick (right)





Geoff, Ian, Martyn.


Bronwen & Anwyl