May, June, July, August 2018

32° in the shade. La Chèze. 5th August

Irish Pavillion – Festivale Interceltique, Lorient. 10th August

Restaurant d’Arvor – Ambon. 15th August

In the Green Room behind the scenes at the Interceltic Festival

Bronwen & Martyn exchange a smile at Ambon

Photo by Julien Danielo. Port Anna, Fête des Voiles Rouges. This nearly got called off due to terrible weather.

Melrand – up on the lorry. Hot day.

La Chèze. Energy levels flagging. Trying to stay in the shade.

It’s Raffa!!



!!! Are we on TV??

Martyn & P-H strolling in Concarneau. 21st June. Bloody freezing that night!


Oh, Mel, what are you up to! A sunny, but chilly evening in Lomener.

Photo by Julien Danielo.

Port Anna in the rain. Photo by Julien Danielo.

View from the stage before the gig. Port Anna.

On the Irish Stage at the Interceltic Festival, Lorient


The boss with his beloved Cajun drum.

The last time I was on the André-Yvette was 2 years ago when Chantimor sang on it to celebrate its 80th birthday.

Sign backstage at the Festivale Interceltique: « No drugs, No sex, No rock ‘n roll, No cake AFTER 7pm » Quick time check. It’s only 5.30pm – so – Woo-hoo! Bring it on!

Sound check on the Irish stage.

Mel at Port Anna. Photo by Julien Danielo.

Martyn blows a kiss. We have just finished our last gig. Many thanks to Justine & Hervé who run the bar, restaurant at the « Camping d’Arvor » and who made sure that we had plenty to eat & drink there!

A bit of final preparation with the M.C on the Cornwall /Isle of Man stage at the Interceltic Festival.



Concarneau. Photo by Bronwen

At Kerroc’h

Escales à Kerroc’h

Thank you for all your support this year, from the CHANTIMOR CREW.



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