Review of Chanti’s 2016


 January –  practice at Chanti HQ.


We started the year with nine.

Chantimor at Val Quéven Golf Club

  First gig of the year:  February: Quéven Golf Club: the annual prize giving.

Wayne steps in as lead Shantyman on

                  February: We invite Wayne to step up as lead Shantyman on « Drunken Sailor » at Le Rosbif pub. A fun evening & proper English sausages & chips!


                  May: We set off to Concarneau to play at Les Mercredis Musicales folk club.This was to become Anwyl’s Last Hurrah with Chantimor.



June: Preparing for a special La Chèze concert to celebrate The Queen’s birthday. Not a shanty in sight – we called in Graham & his guitar to help us out.


   We talk Graham in to staying on board to do a few Shanties with us at Port Anna’s Kermesse.


                   We get ourselves invited on to the Jean & Jeanne, an old Sinagot.


Fête de la Musique, Moréac 030

Still in June: We join Les Gaillards d’Avant de Pontivy at La Fête de la Musique in Moréac.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES At La Chèze Caravan Exhibition. I couldn’t perform AND take photos, so here’s a selfie of me and Martyn on the day.


dscn4123                July: Back at Port Anna for La Fête des Voiles Rouges. By now we had become the Magnificent 7. We sang on an 80 year old boat on Saturday (that was fun!!)….


……… and in a field on Sunday (being attacked by mozzies).SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe ground was on such a slope we had to fix the music stand with tent pegs.

We didn’t know at the time that this would become our 2017 line-up.




July: Chilly in Bieuzy-les-Eaux – this is supposed to be summer! We have to get under cover because of the drizzle.


August: Melrand « Pardon ». Terry on the fiddle & Bronwen on Ocean Drum and all of us in a tiny space on a lorry.


End of summer :Rehearsals continue in Bronwen’s garden, we still had several gigs to do.


Back in Bieuzy for the Sunday morning summer market – and a more comfortable temperature. Then on to La Chèze for a hot afternoon gig.



Last summer gig at the beautiful Rochefort en Terre.


In mufti, down at the River Blavet – end of term bash for the six still standing!

And finally……  December: Téléthon – St Thuriau near Pontivy.


So, this year we said goodbye to Ian Pedley, who kindly allowed us to keep his collection of tankards.

And also to Dave & Anwyl Williams, the founders of Chantimor





     Photos for this blog and our Facebook pages are usually taken by Bronwen or Rikki.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES  dscn4211Thank you, Rikki, for the better quality photos, and to all of Chantimor’s friends and families who came and supported us this year.


 We will be back in 2017 with a new programme, and we hope to see you again soon.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year to you all, on behalf of
Martyn, Terry, Mick, Bronwen, The Skipper & Geoff
Together, we are CHANTIMOR!

End of season bash

After 13 concerts we decided to treat ourselves to an end of season dinner at the Relais Père Nicolas down by our favourite river, the River Blavet at St Nicolas des Eaux.

We invited our nearest & dearest who follow us around, give us their support, take photos and put up with listening to us over and over. They really deserved a treat!

The food was simple but delicious, and when we were sufficiantly fed & watered (I say « watered », but you know what I mean), we felt moved to sing just one or two more shanties for the hell of it. (Apologies to the couple trying to have a romantic meal.)

Members of Chantimor have gone off to do various other things for a couple of months, but we will be back in November with a new programme and ready to take on 2017.

So, see you soon, and meanwhile I’ll leave you with a few photos of the evening.








Chanti-review of the year twenty-fifteen

full sails and sun for webTwenty-fifteen has been a year of ups & downs and comings & goings – but Chantimor is still here, nine full-time members at the last count, with gigs lined up for February 2016 and a new set of shanties to learn for the summer season.

Wfull sails and sun for webe spent most of the rainy Breton winter months lurking in the back room of a local pub preparing for the main event of the year: The Captain Hayet Trophy, which was held in Vannes in May.

DSCI1866 full sails and sun for webIt was also a moment to meet our mates from the south of France, The Aude Shanty Men, who came to Brittany to support us in a weekend of song & laughter.

full sails and sun for webThis year, we have sung at Moréac, Bieuzy Les Eaux, La Chèze (twice), Rohan, Rochefort-en-Terre (twice), St Thuriau and Vannes in pubs, restaurants,halls, markets, fêtes, exhibitions, a maritime festival and at a téléthon.

Wefull sails and sun for web sang on a ship, at a (faux) capstan, on stages, on a balcony, on a farm trailer (never again) on a wooden platform and in the street.

We sfull sails and sun for webang accompanied with varying combinations of whistles, violin, accordion and electric guitar.

We won a prize!full sails and sun for web

We full sails and sun for webfound a new place for practice, deep in the Breton countryside (keeps us out of the boozer), and on very warm summer evenings we practised at our favourite spot down on the river Blavet.

We full sails and sun for webvoted for Mike Smith to be our new skipper. His mission: to steer us through choppy waters to calmer seas ahead and to try and keep us in tune.


The New Skipper – terrifying when he goes on the prowl to winkle out the person singing flat!

Well, full sails and sun for webthat’s just about it for Chantimor 2015. There are some little clips of songs on our Facebook page. Click here and scroll down.

Meanwhile, thank you to all our friends & rellies who have come along to support us this year – for looking after our kit & taking photos, and thank you all for following us here on the blog and on Facebook. So, on behalf of the Chantimor crew (see the gang below) I wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.    §§


Mike, Terry, Mick, Ian, Geoff

DSCN3196Martyn & Bronwen (that’s me §§)

Copy of DSC_0616Anwyl & Dave

Together we are…

full sails and sun for web


Décembre 2015

Recent activity

AHOY THERE! Have you missed us?  Things have been going on behind the scenes – so here’s a quick update.

We had a little break after our summer gig at La Chèze, then re-grouped in September to elect the committee of the Association where Mike Smith was unanimously voted in as President.

We have started rehearsing new songs for the 2016 season, but meanwhile we have been to the Anglo Info Exhibition, La Chèze Christmas market & the Saint Thuriau téléthon (see below).

We’ll be at Rochefort-en-Terre next week, then after the Christmas break we’ll notch it up a gear to get those new songs cracked.

I’ll be back soon with a review of the year. See you then. §§

A trip to Rochefort-en-Terre

Last Sunday, we consulted our maps & set co-ordinates for Rochefort-en-Terre 56220, and set off in torrential rain to find this beautiful medieval village in the middle of nowhere.

If you have never been to Rochefort – you really should make the effort to visit it twice – once in the summer, and once at Christmas, as it is famous for its Christmas lights.


The plan was to sing in the garden of Le Tour de Lion  but it was clear from the start that this was going to be impossible – so a quick change of plan found us squeezed into Le Café Breton next door, where the lovely Eva supplied the crew with food & drinks.


Inside Le Café Breton, there are antiques & interesting objects & nooks & crannies – and if there is time –  Eva will tell you the fascinating history of the buildings & paintings.





Anyway – I think we pleased the public – here are some reviews of the café I found on Trip Advisor, written on 28/7/15 & 26/7/15

5 stars : Nous sommes arrivés dans rochefort sous la pluie, dans l’heure du repas, la rue était déserte et l’ambiance, comme le temps était un peu froide.
Nous cherchions donc un endroit où manger, et au moment où nous nous arrêtons devant cette crêperie, des gens sortent, la porte s’ouvre, et de là provient une ambiance incroyable qui nous invite à découvrir l’intérieur. Et nous n’avons pas été déçu.
Des crêpes bretonnes très savoureuses et copieuses, et un concert de chants marin en anglais pour accompagner le repas.
Un moment inoubliable.

4 Stars:Nous sommes venus en famille et avons passé un très bon moment. Nous avons découvert ce restaurant recommandé par le Géoguide. Galettes et crêpes très bonnes, cadre authentique mais sympathique, nous avons eu la chance de manger avec un petit « concert » de chanteurs ce qui était très agréable, même si un peu fort au début. Service au top.
Ooops – sorry if we were a bit loud!
We sold several CDs and chatted with people from Spain, the UK & other parts of France.
Hopefully we’ll go back when the sun is shining one day – and sing in the garden as arranged. And have another one of Eva’s delicious crêpes.