February Antics part 2

Friday 12th Feb. Chantimor jumped into their respective cars in Lorient, Pontivy & Vannes and headed in the direction of Saint Vincent sur Oust (near Redon) to Le Rosbif, an English run bar.

What a treat to be fed English bangers before squeezing into the corner of the bar and starting our first set.


It was a Friday night, and as we were singing to an adult audience (or so we thought) we decided to put some of our saucier songs onto the set list and have a bit of fun with an English crowd.


But as you can see, we did have some (very well behaved) young children in the audience. Hopefully they didn’t understand the lyrics!



The owner of Le Rosbif had indicated that he was keen on shanties and so we invited him to sing the lead on « What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor? » – We don’t sing this very often so it was time to give it an airing. You can see the result on the Youtube video below. With no rehearsal, I think that Wayne did a sterling job. We’d have him in the band like a shot if he lived a bit nearer!

Wayne steps in as lead Shantyman on "Drunken Sailor"

Wayne steps in as lead Shantyman on « Drunken Sailor »

All in all – we had a very enjoyable time!

We are now rehearsing our new programme which includes some new (to us) shanties and we’ll be thinking about where best to use our newly purchased percussion.

Click on the link to see Wayne in action & to hear one of our new songs for the first time:                             « Johnson Girls » – we have such fun with this song – you never know what might happen!



Chanti rocks La Chèze

Come with me for a « behind-the-scenes » peep at Chanti-Rock preparations.

1. Get up early on a Sunday morning and drive to the Côte d’Armor.

2. Find our spot & start to set up the gear.


3. Go and have a mooch around – well, there are several hours to kill before we start. So – here’s the étang, where the Troc et Puces takes place.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFancy a pony ride?


Or maybe you’d like to buy an old bike?


Or get something to eat?


Or get up close to a classic car or two?





4. OK – it’s 2.30pm – let’s get back to the job in hand: Sing up boys!




(Today’s fan club – two WaGs keeping cool in the shade with Dixie & Merlin! )

CRISIS: We very nearly had a catastrophe just before starting when the wind blew Terry’s 100 year old violin over & broke the finger board.

However, a bit of electricians tape sorted it out & the show went on!


The Cadet does a good job, rockin’ up them ol’ 19th century songs and playing some nifty instrumentals with Terry on the fiddle.


5.  Get ready for a second set at 4.30. It’s getting warmer, (27°), but a strong wind is blowing our music & lyrics all over the place. A large crowd has gathered. We have to compete with the public address system which is exhorting people to buy ice-creams (in English) amongst other things.


6.Time for the last song – Oh go on then… let’s do the chorus in French: Hisse et ho! Santiano!


7. And then it’s all over. We pack up our gear and kids start dancing on the stage. Chanti’s Communications Officer (c’est moi) can have a well deserved (IMHO) ice-cream.


(Which just goes to show that subliminal advertising really does work!)

8. It’s now 6pm. Some of us have been here since 11am. The first to arrive are the last to leave. (Mike & Luke) A lady comes and asks when we’re going to start. The charming man on the public address system goes down on bended knee and begs me to agree to do the Téléthon in December. Regally,  I tell him  to please rise, and that I will ask the crew if they are available.

On my way out of the fête he calls me over to the P.A and publicly announces that Chantimor Chants de Marins will be present at the Téléthon.

Now that’s what I call a Fête/Fait Accompli(e).

Bieuzy les Eaux / Kerfourn 12 juillet 2015

Place: Bieuzy les Eaux; a quiet little village near the river Blavet.

Event: Local market

Position: next to the church.  Time: 10.30am Weather: Warm & sunny.

Musicians on board: Dave on accordeon, Anwyl on whistles.

Copy of DSC_0616Singers present: Left to right: New Boy in training; Mick; Ian; Martyn.

Copy of DSC_0610And also: Terry; Geoff & Bronwen

Copy of DSC_0584All organised by: local teenager, Alice.


Copy of DSC_0645

Copy of DSC_0563* Photos 1,2,3,5 & 6 courtesy of Simon Davies.

Then, everyone jumped in their cars & a convoy rushed off to Kerfourn, where we sang the same songs all over again.

Event: Charity Lunch; all proceeds to the Nepal Earthquake Fund.

I believe that more than one thousand euros were raised. Well done to everyone who worked so hard in the kitchen, and glad we were able to help out in some small way.


Chantimor à Moréac, Bieuzy les Eaux et Kerfourn

Flushed  with success for being given the public vote for « Best Entertainment » at the Trophée Hayet in Vannes last month, Chantimor is currently organising a summer programme. First up…. La Fête de la Musique in Moréac Saturday 27th JUNE at about 9pm. We’ll be on the big parking place & hope we won’t be drowned out by the Breton band & dancers who will be our neighbours. Fortunately, we are going wired for sound (rather than our usual « unplugged ») and we have Luke on electric guitar. So it’s Sea Shanties, Jim, but not as you know it! Bring some beer (or rum) and get ready to clap along!

Next:  Sunday 12th JULY for a more traditional Sea Shanty sound, we’ll be accompanied by Dave on accordian & Anwyl on whistles. Find us in the market at Bieuzy des Eaux at about 10.30, swiftly followed by a performance in the « Salle » at lunchtime at Kerfourn. This is a charity lunch to raise money for the Nepal Earthquake appeal. See details below if you wish to participate.


Chanti-Noël St Barthélémy 56

Chantimor vous invite:

Venez chanter avec nous!

St Barthélémy, dans la salle derrière l’église.

Le mardi 16 décembre à19h30

Entrée : 2€

Apportez une bouteille et des friandises (salées ou sucrées) pour partager et pour faire la fête.

Chants de marins, chansons de noël modernes et traditionnelles en Anglais, Français et Latin

Vous jouez un instrument ou chantez? Vous êtes invités à faire votre tour!

(Veuillez prévoir la secrétaire de Chantimor par mail: chantimor@yahoo.fr)

IMG_0968 Chantimor invites you to come and sing Christmas songs & carols.

Words provided!

Put on your glad-rags. Bring a bottle & a sweet or savoury dish to share.

Can you play an instrument or sing? Then why not come and do « a turn »? Just let us know in advance what you plan to do and we will offer you a « guest spot ».


So, see you at St Bart (near Baud). In the hall behind the church. Tuesday 16th Dec at 7.30 for a bit of Chanti-cheer!

Le disque de la semaine – Radio Bro-Gwened

radiobrogwenedNous étions ravis de rencontrer Claire Peres, journaliste à Radio Bro-Gwened ce matin.

Terry and I went along to Radio Bro-Gwened to represent Chantimor and to promote our CD  « Roll ‘n Go », after Shantyman Ian gave us an initial contact at the station.

Speaking ‘live’ on the radio in French is a bit like taking an oral exam; you’re not quite sure what question is coming next and you have no idea how well or badly you’re doing.


Claire Peres was very nice and asked us questions about how the group was formed, the making of the CD & about « Chants de Marins » in general.

It’s a very casual set up with microphones around a large table. Cups of coffee were offered and we were made to feel at ease.

We were delighted to hear that Roll ‘n Go is going to be the « album of the week » or « disque de la semaine » this week.

We presented three tracks which were chosen by Claire Peres: Baidin Fheidhlimidh & South Australia, then Serafina and finally Old Maui.

Four other tracks will also be played throughout the week: Round the Bay of Mexico, Hog Eye Man, Sally Brown & Doodle Let Me Go.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe podcast will be available all this week on radio Bro-Gwened’s website – so you can listen in online if you missed us this morning.

Radio Bro-Gwened


Bronwen, Claire Peres et Terry aux locaux de Radio Bro-Gwened, Pontivy. Le 3 mars 2014