Terres Fertiles 2017

The tiny village of Lanvaudan is situated deep in the Breton countryside. The road to the village winds its way through the woods and when you eventually get there you will find that there is no network for your mobile phone.

Once a year, in September, there is a two day music festival called « Les Terres Fertiles ». In theory this festival is « unplugged » – with no amplification allowed. Being British & playing by the rules, we have twice been caught out, bringing along nothing but our voices & an acoustic guitar and of course, we are the only group to do so – and therefore we find ourselves competing against other groups who are (loudly) wired for sound.

This year though, our pitch was in someone’s front garden so we were fairly well protected from the sounds of the other groups. But it isn’t easy singing outside with no sound system. We’ll be better prepared next year!


Mel can’t resist doing the Bunny Ears!

A small crowd gathered in the drive.

From the left: The Skipper, Mick, Bronwen, P-H, Terry & Mel

It’s always worth taking a tankard along – you get more beer & don’t have to drink from a plastic cup!

Mel gets friendly with a silly ass.


Chantimor Live « Roll The Old Chariot Along »

You’ve seen the photos, you’ve heard the CD…

Now here’s what you’ve all been waiting for….

…..Yes, it’s CHANTIMOR in action.

All comments welcome!

Terres Fertiles – festival de musique à Lanvaudan

Terres Fertiles

Retrouvez « Chantimor » à Lanvaudan

le dimanche 15 septembre, vers 17h00, au bourg, chez Fred et Kiki.

Come and sing along with us at Lanvaudan on Sunday 15th Sept.

Find us at Fred & Kiki’s!


(By the way, Lanvaudan is near Plouay in 56.)