Skipper & Crew


 Voted in as Skipper (President of the association) in Oct. 2015: Mike Smith is currently in charge of Chantimor & has the thankless task of trying to keep us all in order and in tune!

On leaving school, Mike followed a long standing family tradition and joined the Merchant Navy.  His great grandfather had been a Captain, his grandfather a Chief Engineer and an uncle was a Chief Officer, all on merchant ships sailing the South China Seas.


Mike (right) talking about shanties at the 2015 téléthon.

He joined the Union Castle Steamship Co. in Southampton first as a Galley Boy and then as a Cook, sailing predominantly on mail/passenger ships to the Canaries, Cape Town and up the south east coast of Africa to Durban for 4 years.He then moved to South African Marine (SAFMARINE) sailing up and down the east coast of Africa for one year and estimates that he crossed the Equator by sea approximately 83 times during that 5 year period.


Mike has sung in various clubs and pubs in the south west of England with groups playing pop songs of the early seventies. After moving to Swindon, he joined the operatic society performing in a large cross section of shows from Dvorak to Gilbert and Sullivan, taking lead roles in South Pacific (Lt. Cable) and Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.(Joseph)

On moving to France he joined the National School of Music (Chorale Cantabile) for about 8 years then moved to Music à Corps et Chœur  (Folie Douce), Jazz Gospel and Petite Chœur de Jazz, but today he spends most of  his time keeping the good ship Chantimor on an even keel!

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