Mel – Girl of Action!  Sailing, skiing, singing & playing a variety of instruments – you name it, Mel can do it. 

Vannes 2017

Mel started sailing at the age of 7 and has never been far from water since. At the same age she picked up a recorder and later on progressed to a variety of instruments including guitar, ukulele, piano, saxophone, flute & celtic harp. She has sung in several choirs, a small rock/blues band, as a solo artiste and enjoyed amateur dramatics too. She studied music as part of a humanities degree with the OU.
Fifteen years ago, after a career as a fashion and travel photographer, with a bit of sheep farming on the side, she and her husband decided to sell up and go sailing and skiing on a belated gap-year or two, taking their boat down to the Mediterranean. 
She became a land lubber again when they bought a field in Brittany and set about designing and building their own house.
Mel loves singing with Chantimor as she says it allows her to let off steam, and it also brings back happy memories of salt laden air and wind whistling in the rigging.