Shanty Man Martyn


Martyn joined the Merchant Navy when he was a lad to train as a navigating officer.  He went to sea on the MV Australind, which was one of the last tramp ships to leave the UK before the container business took over completely.  He was at sea for a whole year minus 2 weeks, sailing  around the world at the age of 16/17, and he saw many a sight!

He was offered for sale by the First Mate to a couple of Arab Sheiks.  He held him up by his collar while the punters haggled over the going price for a small boy! (Lots of prodding went on.)

The ship sailed around Japan for several months, during which time the sailors were followed around the country by a group of bar girls who travelled from port to port. They gave Martyn the nickname « Babysan » as he looked so young.

Martyn had never sung before joining Chantimor in 2011, but he brings experience of am.dram to the group and has a good, rough shanty voice.

Martyn est l’un de nos vrais marins et il porte souvent son chapeau – souvenir de son temps dans la service de la Marine Marchande.


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full sails and sun for web


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